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Clowns Who Care

Clowns Who Care

The “Clowns Who Care” Project is a volunteer initiative that we created in 2009. Our sole purpose is to bring joy, love, light, awareness and support to centers for children and adults with special needs, senior centers, charity organizations and hospitals.

We also provide professional entertainment, technical and marketing support for charity and fundraising events as well as produce special events to support humanitarian projects and charity organizations. If you would like to become involved with this non-for-profit project please send your contact information.

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From our recent trip to Uganda...

Here is a clip from one of the dance classes we led as part of our 1st annual Clowns Who Care Arts Camp at the Live it up! home for rescued children in Uganda.
Teachers: Mina Liccione and Syma Merchant

Catch a Smile Campaign

"Catch A Smile" is a new campaign by Clowns Who Care with the mission of using social media to connect people from around the globe to perform "small gestures with great love" and brighten up the days of others. Each month we will pick a random date and include a "good deed" for all to perform on that day in order to make the world a happier and more positive place. And often if someone has received a kind act, they will 'pass it on' or 'pay it forward', meaning your action goes on and on. Smiles are contagious...let's make sure people catch one! We ask you to PLEASE post comments to this event page about your experiences, share photos and inspire others with your stories!

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